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Codatel VoIP

Codatel is Australiaís leading VoIP service provider for the home and business.

Codatel's VoIP service (also known as Voice over IP and broadband telephony) is an innovative, low cost alternative to your existing landline phone service.

Users can make telephone calls over their broadband Internet connection, at incredibly low rates, with no monthly fee and no lock-in contracts, to anywhere in the world. Using Codatel's VoIP service is easy; you donít have to be tied to your computer, you donít have to spend a fortune on equipment and you can even use your existing telephone handsets.

So say "NO!" to ridiculously high phone bills and join Codatel today. We have a broad range of flexible VoIP solutions guaranteed to save you money on phone bills.

Learn more about VoIP today, check out our easy to read and informative How it works section, and check out how much you can save using our quick and simple Savings Calculator. Then choose the best service plan for your needs from the range of service plans available. Get it all right here with Codatel.

Below is an example of the savings offered by Codatel VoIP Solutions compared to a leading Australian telephone carrier:

Country Home or Business Phone (rate/min) Phone Card (rate/min) Savings
Local 18 cents + 39 cents connection fee 10 cents untimed no connection fee 82.4%
National 20 cents + 39 cents connection fee 10 cents untimed no connection fee 83%
Mobile 37 cents + 39 cents connection fee 19.9 cents no connection fee 73.8%