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Codatel Calling Cards

Don't be fooled by the big minutes on other cards, get every minute you pay for with Codatel!

We're not going to lie and say "this card has enormous minutes". What we are going to tell you is "talk for one minute, get billed for one minute" Our cards have no connection fees, no hidden fees and no mysterious missing minutes.

Benefits of Purchasing Phonecards From Us

Because our phone cards are pre-paid, we purchase “minutes” in bulk so large savings can be passed to you. Typically, on international calls, you can save over 80 to 90% over your home, making Codatel's phone cards the logical choice for calling overseas, interstate or mobiles.

Below is an example of the savings offered by Codatel Calling Cards compared to a leading Australian telephone carrier:

Country Home or Business Phone (rate/min) Phone Card (rate/min) Savings
UK 38 cents 1.8 cents 95.2%
USA 31 cents 2 cents 93.5%
India - Delhi 235 cents 7.9 cents 96.6%
Aust - Cap City 23 cents 10 cents untimed 56.5%